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"Spirits were uplifted, esteem boosted, and smiles were abundant"

"I didn't know I was an artist until today."

Noticing goodness in myself and others

I AM Unstoppable!

I AM Noticed Leaders with You are Amazing Journals

Noticing Goodness

I Am Funny!

Youth Advisory

Teens making an impact

Building character

"I wish everyone at my school could do this."


I AM Noticed Assembly

Making a difference

I AM Resilient!

Spreading Joy!

Family Enrichment is essential to a positive culture

Enhancing Relationships!

Being Noticed

I Am Beautiful!

Lets Notice the whole world!

I Am Confident!

Making new friends and cherishing memories

We ARE Blessed, Ombre and Noticed!

“This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. This message is so important and needs to be shared with everyone.”

I AM Art displayed with pride

Inspiring creativity!

"Be the Rock in your Ripple"

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