I AM Noticed Practices that create ripples

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Self Reflection

Self Reflection Ripple Worksheet

Encourage each student to reflect on what we have experienced in each area of focus this year with the I AM Noticed Theme.  Then ask each student to write a word that describes what goodness he or she Noticed about each of the areas of focus.  For example:I AM confident. WE ARE diverse.  OUR SCHOOL is kind. etc.

Possible Materials:

Pencil or colored pencils 

1 copy of the Self Reflection Ripple Worksheet per student 


We Are Worksheets

Place students in small groups to complete the worksheets. 

Encourage your students to brainstorm all of the good words that they can use to describe who we are as a class.

You can get the conversations started by using any or all of the following prompts:

What is your favorite thing about our class?

When was a time that you felt really good about being in our class?Whoare you grateful for in our class? Why?

How do you describe our class to family or friends who do not get to be in our class every day?

Possible Materials:

pencil, pen, or colored pencils


Write about a teacher who has made a difference in your life?(encourage students to write independently or in small groups. If students write independently encourage small group conversation around their writing)You can inspire students by asking them any of the following questions:· Can you think of a time that a teacher was really there for you?· How would you describe your favorite teacher or teachers?· How are you a better student, and a better citizen because of a teacher?Family

Draw Your Family

Have your students draw a picture of each member of there family. 


· Utilize these art pieces to create the "Family" bulletin board suggestion in this month's Bulleting Boardlink .

· Once you have enjoyed these art pieces in your classroom send them home to parents, grandparents, or other caregivers with a short note from their student that simplesays "Thank you for being my family."

Possible Materials:

pencils, crayons, markers

white piece of paper or cardstock for each class member

School to School

Send "YOU ARE" notes to another school

Print out at least one "YOU ARE" note for each student in your class (four cards can be cut per worksheet).  Choose a school in your district or community that you can send positivity to.  You can choose to send notes to the entire school as a whole or to a particular class at that school.

Have each member of your class complete one or more "YOU ARE" Notes. 

Encourage your students to add a word(s) to complete the "YOU ARE" statement such as "YOU ARE amazing", "YOU ARE so very smart", "YOU ARE strong", "YOU ARE Noticed". 

*Students may want to add a colorful touch to the letters with markers, crayons, or colored pencils.    They can also add a message to the back side of the "YOU ARE" note.  Possible Materials:

· Copy paper or card stock

· Markers, crayons, or colored pencils


GiantYou are Noticed Poster Card

 Create a giant card to send to another school.

Students can participate in the creation of the poster card itself and/or they can simply sign their names to the card that you create.  

** If you have done some discovery to know some specific goodnesses that you can Notice about the school or a classroom you can write a note on the back of the poster to share your compliment.  Your students can learn about what another school, or class at another school, is doing by reading your school districts newsletter or the local newspaper.

Possible Materials:

· Poster Board or Foam Board

· Markers, sharpies, or paint


What goodnesscan we Notice about our world?

(encourage students to write independently or in small groups. If students write independently encourage small group conversation around their writing)

You can inspire students by asking them any of the following questions:

· What is your favorite thing about living on planet earth?

· Who makes the world a better place?

· How are kids making a difference in the world?

· What inspires you about our world?

Self Reflection

Have each student design their own word swag that positively represents their unique self. Encourage creativity and imagination.


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