Are you looking for a partner to help your school be the best it can be

Your culture is our priority. Please check out our programming to see how we can meet your in person or virtual needs. 

Our mission is to create a sustainable positive culture for students, staff, and families K-12.


  • We believe that whatever you put after the words I am are true for you.

  • We believe that when people know that they are Noticed the world is a better place.

  • We believe in creating sustainable positive cultural change.

  • We believe that people of all ages need to feel appreciated and valued, and that when they do they naturally have the "want to" to be the best versions of themselves.

  • We believe that everyone can choose to be an I AM Noticed Leader.

  • We believe in teaching the vital skills necessary to build confident and resilient people.

  • We believe in doing what we do so that as individuals, and as an organization, you can focus on your mission.

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