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I AM Noticed Core Content

Curricular Focus: Positive I AMs

Positive I AMs: Practicing positive self-talk (Noticing the goodness in ourselves).


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Lesson 3.1: I AM Power List 

Supplies needed: Worksheet, writing and/or drawing supplies 


Instruct the students to use the I AM Power List Worksheet to make a list of as many positive words about themselves as possible. 
Please share the following concepts as a part of this lesson:
This is called a Power List because it is a very powerful tool to have on hand when we need to remind ourselves about the goodness that is such a great part of who we are. What we say after I AM is true for each of us. Keep the list someplace where you will see it often. Having strong I AMs is vital to positive communication which leads to being confident.

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To Print: Right click, save to desktop, then print 

Big Idea 1: SE 1 Understanding Self as an Individual and as a Member of Diverse Local and Global Communities
     Concept A: Self-Concept

According to the researchers at Mayo Clinic, positive self-talk can lead to
better psychological and physical well-being, better coping skills during hardships and times of stress, and lower rates of depression & anxiety.

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Lesson 3.2: I AM Blocks

Supplies needed: colored notecards, construction paper, or white paper that students can color


Big Idea 1: SE 1 Understanding Self as an Individual and as a Member of Diverse Local and Global Communities
     Concept A: Self-Concept

Instruct the students to make their own I AM Noticed Block(s):

Give each student their own notecard or piece of paper. Ask student to create an I AM Block to represent themselves (students may reference their I AM Power List from lesson 3.1). 

Once each student has completed their block, display I AM blocks in your classroom, hallway, or anywhere you would like. Creating an I AM Noticed Block shows how important we are independently and together.

Please share the following concepts as a part of this lesson:

This is a very simple way to practice the importance of positive self-talk.  What you say after I AM is true for you. For example, if you say "I am bored."  What are you going to be? The same is true if you say "I am curious." WOW! Can you see the power in that?!?!

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Simply choosing a positive I AM statement about yourself sets off chemical reactions in your brain which impact how your brain works. -- Unfortunately negative I AM statements do that too so let's choose wisely ;)

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Lesson 3.3: I AM Word Selfies

Supplies needed: markers, large paper or dry erase board, camera or cell phone 

**please plan to use multiple class periods if necessary. 

Big Idea 2: SE 2 Interacting with Others in Ways That Respect Individual and Group Differences
     Concept B: Respect for Self and Others

Confidence looks good on you!!!

Quick Tip>

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It is so important that as a student is being Noticed they own the words being chosen for them.

Taking a moment to ask "Is that word true for you?" before writing the adjective on the board provides another powerful opportunity to bring Noticing to life.

Each person can stand or sit in front of a dry erase board or a large piece of paper. Have them tell you a few positive adjectives that are true for them. Then invite the class to share positive words about that student as well. Write the words around the student using multiple colors and styles.  


Take a photo of each person in front of their words.


  • Print out the picture and use it as décor around your classroom or halls. 

  • Email the photo to each student and/or their family so they have it as a visual reminder. 

  • Reference the photo throughout the year to remind each other of their “I AMs”

**Please make sure everyone has an opportunity to feel Noticed. In order to do this plan to use multiple class periods if necessary. 

Instruct the students to participate in creating I AM Word Selfies:

Our brains are constantly looking for evidence to support what we believe to be true. Here are 3 ways we can ensure that we will find positive evidence to support our goodness:

  1. practice positive I AMs.

  2. choose to be around other positive people. 

  3. save notes, cards, or projects that help you remember the goodness that others Noticed in you for times when you are needing to boost your positive self-talk database. 

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