We all need inspiration.  When we have our own cups filled we can pour into others.  This page contains links to outside resources that inspires us to continue to put a priority on Noticing the goodness in ourselves and others. 

A note from Amy & Jaime to all of the AMAZING students, staff, families & community partners out there:

First of all Hello :)  We have been thinking about all of you!  We hope you & your families are doing ok.  We can't imagine how much you have done to assure a safe, kind, and effective strategy for learning.  Our hearts have been with you!  We are personally using I AM Noticed to help us get through these uncertain and uneasy times, so we thought a few of our worksheets might be helpful tools for you as well.  Please feel free to use them however you see fit.  Most importantly we hope you know how much we value you and that we are so grateful that you are you and that you are creating ripples of goodness!  ~Amy & Jaime

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A few of our favorite videos that

inspire, inform, and invite us to ENGAGE!

Video Credit: Ali Sherazi

Video Credit: Special Books By Special Kids

Video Credit: Atlanta Speech School, Atlanta, GA

Video Credit: Oak Park High School, Kansas City, MO