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Focus: Receiving Goodness



When you are giving kindness by Noticing goodness it will come back to you.  It may not come back directly from the person you Noticed but it will always come back to you.  Because of this fact, we need to be ready to receive.  
Although it may seem simple and obvious, saying thank you when someone gives you a gift is an important thing to do.  This applies to receiving compliments as well. When someone Notices the goodness in us it is so important that we really take it in (let it fuel our confidence), and say "thank you".
Make sure everyone has a partner.  Determine which students will be Partner #1 and which students will be Partner #2.  Have partners sit facing each other while looking at each other in the eyes.  The goal for this is to get to practice saying thank you in a way that is positive for both partners.
Partner #1 - gives Partner #2 a simple and quick compliment.
Partner #2 - says "Thank you."
Switch roles 
Once everyone has had the opportunity to experience each role let's unpack it.  Was it weird to make eye contact? Did you take it seriously? Although this was a simple practice, do you think that saying thank you is important? Why? Have you ever given someone a compliment and they didn't say thank you?  How did that make you feel? 




Expressing your Gratitude
Who is a person in your life who has helped you to see the goodness in yourself? Maybe it is a friend, teacher or family member. Take the time to think about whom you would like to THANK. Write a detailed letter to the person. Express your gratitude through your words. Have willing participants read their letter out loud so the group can experience the gratitude. 
HIGHLY ENCOURAGE each person to communicate with the person they are grateful for. Send them the letter, text them, call them, email them...whatever works.
Statistically, people who practice gratitude are happier than those who are not.  People who express their gratitude have even more happiness.  





Everyone matters! 
How has receiving goodness impacted your confidence and resilience? Has it changed your awareness about how much YOU MATTER? 
How have you received goodness?
How has that changed the way you see yourself?
List out all the ways you believe YOU MATTER. Try to fill up the page with the You Matter worksheet. Participants can take time independently to write down ways they matter. Then encourage group discussion on ways you all matter. FILL UP THE PAGE!
To Print: Right click, save to desktop, then print as
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We are so grateful for you!!!

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