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Focus: Rippling Goodness






You are the Rock in your Ripple. 
Use the worksheet and think about how you impact the people around you. Start by placing your name in the middle. You can imagine that YOU are the rock in your ripple. Whether you realize it or not how you are communicating with yourself and others is impacting the world around you. Write the names of the people you impact each day. It may be your family, friends, teachers, people at the store, your teammates...you decide. 







Creating Ripples
Have everyone grab a piece of paper. Write down one or more ways they are going to create a positive ripple.  This should be something they would enjoy doing over the course of the next week, and beyond.  Once they have their idea(s) written down and locked into memory have them crumple up the paper and toss it into a central area of the room. The idea is to create an accumulation of positive energy! Have everyone circle around the papers. Take turns reading the positive ripples written to celebrate your potential impact. Every act of kindness matters and is important. Thank you for your willingness to make a difference in the world! 
*You can get creative and adapt as needed for your learning environment. 


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Every act of kindness matters.

Quick Tip>


Everyone matters! 
No matter if you realize it or not what you do and say impacts the people around you. YOU MATTER!
What goodness are you rippling out into the world?
List out all the ways you believe YOU MATTER.  FILL UP THE PAGE! What are some things you are good at? What makes you good at those things? Who loves and appreciates you? What would they say about you? 
Participants can take time independently to write down ways they matter. Then encourage group discussion on ways you all matter.


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