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I AM Noticed Core Content

Focus: Rippling Goodness




Lesson 6.1: You Are The Ripple 

Supplies needed: Worksheet, writing and/or drawing supplies 

Share the following concept with the students:
Can you imagine that YOU are the rock in your ripple? Whether you realize it or not how you are communicating with yourself and others is impacting the world around you.

Instruct the students to use the worksheet and think about how they impact the people around them. Ask them to start by placing their name in the middle. Write the names of the people they impact each day. It may be their family, friends, teachers, people at the store, teammates, etc.
Lesson 6.1 You are the rock in your ripple.jpg
To Print: Right click, save to desktop, then print

Researches have found that happiness is contagious.  That means that if you are creating positive ripples the people in your life may catch your positivity, and they might create positive ripples too!

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Lesson 6.2: Creating Ripples

Supplies needed: a blank piece paper per participant + journal optional

Instruct the students to write down one or more ways they are going to create a positive ripple. This should be something they would enjoy doing over the course of the next week, and beyond.  Once they have their idea(s) written down and locked into memory have them crumple up the paper and toss it into a central area of the room. The idea is to create an accumulation of positive energy! Have everyone circle around the papers. Take turns reading the positive ripples written to celebrate your potential impact. Every act of kindness matters and is important. Thank you for your willingness to make a difference in the world! 
Every act of kindness matters.

Quick Tip>

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Have fun with this and encourage creativity!


It may also be helpful for the teacher or Peer Model to read the  papers out loud to ensure that only positive ideas get shared :)  




Research tells us that having a positive school culture helps student and teachers, it encourages more positive behaviors, improves academic performance and creates space for social-emotional development.

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Lesson 6.3: You Matter Worksheet

Supplies needed: Worksheet, writing and/or drawing supplies 

Everyone matters! 
Whether you realize it or not, what you do and say impacts the people around you. YOU MATTER!
What goodness are you rippling out into the world?
Instruct the students to list out all the ways they believe they matter.
FILL UP THE PAGE!  Ask the students to consider the following questions: What are some things you are good at? What makes you good at those things? Who loves and appreciates you? What would they say about you? 
Allow time for participants to independently write down ways they matter. Then encourage group discussion on ways you all matter.
Share the following concepts with the students:
Lesson 6.3 You Matter worksheet.jpg
To Print: Right click, save to desktop, then print

Believing You Matter and building up a healthy sense of self-efficacy can help us make a positive impact on the world around us.  Research suggests that people with a strong sense of self-efficacy:

  • develop deeper interest in the activities in which they participate

  • form a stronger sense of commitment to their interests and activities

  • recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments

  • view challenging problems as tasks to be mastered

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