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I AM Noticed Curriculum Guide 2023-24
Thank you for choosing to be an I AM Noticed leader. From this page you can access all of the I AM Noticed Curriculum. We hope this content will enhance your relationships, and support a sense of belonging for all of the students, staff, & family members in your building, while helping you and everyone in your classroom(s) be more confident
I AM Noticed is for EVERYONE!  
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This curriculum is built on the I AM Noticed Program & Curriculum Model© 
Connections - intra/interpersonal communication & relationship building 
Practices - positive practices contained in the I AM Noticed Cycle 
Competencies - of individual confidence which leads to cultural confidence

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This version of the I AM Noticed Curriculum is designed for secondary students. A link to the lessons is located at the bottom of this page.

The format for the 9 lessons in this curriculum set is designed to introduce secondary students to the positive concepts & practices of I AM Noticed. In a 9-week quarter, one lesson per week can be used from this curriculum as the cornerstone concept for that week. Each lesson can be experienced in a single class period, or feel free to expand the lessons over several days.

These lessons were established based on research that indicates that preparation and practice of positive mental wellness habits are foundational to high levels of social emotional intelligence. Teacher and student collaboration and connection is encouraged throughout the course to create a sense of belonging, greater mental wellness, increased confidence, and an even more positive school culture. 
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Look for Quick Tips throughout the core content for helpful suggestions and encouragement. Just click to reveal the quick tip. We've got your back. You are not alone!
I AM Noticed is a tier 1 approach.
The I AM Noticed Curriculum provides opportunities for mental wellness check ins.

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I AM Noticed is a proactive, tier 1 approach to mental wellness.  I AM Noticed practices are designed to encourage participants to choose confident and resilient behaviors.  

Keep in mind that this conversation may be easy for some people and hard for others.  If mental health concerns are preventing participants from choosing positive practices, please encourage a conversation with the school counselor or other mental health professional.



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You will find Big Ideas and Concepts which correlate with DESE's Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling for each lesson in a blue text.

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I AM Noticed doesn't just feel good.     
It makes sense.
Be on the lookout for special orange text in yellow quotes for fun facts.
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​Some important to-dos as you prepare for your class:

* Each participant should have a designated folder for I AM Noticed that can be accessed throughout the semester/ school year.

* Prior to leading each segment please review the lesson. Lessons can be adjusted to be more simple or complex as needed for your grade level.  

* Print out any worksheets provided, and gather any necessary supplies prior to each lesson.

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