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I AM Noticed Core Content

Curricular Focus: Application/Confidence

Confidence: Practicing the steps of the I AM Noticed Cycle throughout our daily activities. 

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Lesson 7.1: A New Letter To Self

Supplies needed: Journal or paper, writing and drawing supplies


Big Idea 1: SE 1 Understanding Self as an Individual and as a Member of Diverse Local and Global Communities
     Concept A: Self-Concept

Instruct the students to write a new letter to self. Ask them to use the art of discovery and ask questions like: How are you? Have you been practicing the I AM Noticed Cycle? Do you feel more confident? How have you grown since the last letter you wrote to yourself? 

After each student has had a chance to write a new letter to self, you may want to suggest they reread the first letter to self from lesson 1.1. Seeing our own growth over time can be really inspiring. 

Please share the following concepts as a part of this lesson:

You might remember that you spend more time with yourself than with any other person on the planet. And as we learned in our very first I AM Noticed lesson; asking yourself good questions is a great way to practice the art of discovery.


The great thing about this skillset is that it truly is a foundation for practicing authentically Noticing the goodness in yourself and others. Self-awareness is foundational in creating a sense of self-worth; leading to a sense of belonging.


Do you remember this fun fact from our very first lesson???  Research shows that self-awareness is directly related to both emotional intelligence and success. Self -awareness helps us make more informed decisions and contribute to our own overall well-being.

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Lesson 7.2: How Are You Practicing Confidence

Supplies needed: journal optional

Big Idea 1: SE 1 Understanding Self as an Individual and as a Member of Diverse Local and Global Communities
     Concept C: Being a Contributing Member of a Diverse Global Community

Instruct the students to self-reflect on their own confidence and how it has grown. Ask them to consider the following questions: What makes me feel confident? What am I good at? What makes me good at that? What makes me believe in myself? What are my favorite things about me?  How has my confidence grown?

Once students have had a chance to self-reflect, encourage the class to come together and share.


If time allows, give students the opportunity to share their answer to one of the above questions aloud to the class. This activity is designed to give students the experience of practicing their confidence.

Please share the following concepts as a part of this lesson:

You might remember in Lesson 1.3 everyone was encouraged to commit to growing their own confidence by practicing the I AM Noticed Cycle.  Confidence will look different for each student and now is an opportunity to celebrate their individuality and growth.

I AM Noticed Leaders are confident.
Everyone can choose to be an I AM Noticed Leader.

Quick Tip>

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Thank you for encouraging students to choose confidence.


We hope that these lessons have become a part of your daily routine and that you will continue to practice the I AM Noticed Cycle.



How confident are you feeling?  That answer changes as we experience different circumstances throughout the day -- even for the most confident of people. Practicing the I AM Noticed Cycle has proven to help students, staff, and family members stay in (and get back into) a confident zone.

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Lesson 7.3: We Are Poster

Supplies needed: large piece of paper or white board, markers

Big Idea 2:SE 2 Interacting with Others in Ways That Respect Individual and Group Differences
     Concept B: Respect for Self and Others

Instruct students to write the words "WE ARE" really big on a poster. Have the class brainstorm and take turns writing positive words all around the "WE ARE" that describe you as a group. 

Your group can share this WE ARE art with your entire school as a visual reminder of how amazing you are. 

Please share the following concepts as a part of this lesson:

We define who we are as a group because of who we are individually. When we choose to be confident as  individuals it matters. Positive adjectives are a great way to bring our class together. These can become our class "WE ARE" statements.

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Individual confidence leads to cultural confidence and a sense of belonging.

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