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I AM Noticed Core Content

Focus: Application



Remember you spend more time with yourself than with any other person on the planet.  So how are you? Have you been practicing the I AM Noticed Cycle? Do you feel more confident and resilient?  How have you grown since the last letter you wrote to yourself? 

With that in mind, write yourself a new letter.  Use the art of discovery and ask yourself questions like: What are some things that I really like about myself? What are my favorite things to do?  What are some positive words that describe me?  What is good?  What is hard?  What do I want to do?  Your story matters.  So, write it out. 

Sometimes seeing our own growth over time can be really inspiring.  If you still have the first I AM Noticed letter that you wrote to yourself you can read it now and look for goodness to Notice about your growth.

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On a large piece of paper, poster board, or white board write the words "WE ARE" really big.  Have your entire group brainstorm and take turns writing positive words all around the "WE ARE" that describe you as a group.  These positive adjectives are a great way to bring your class together.  Remember how important it is to have strong I AMs as individuals and how that leads to a more positive culture.  

Your group can keep this WE ARE art as a visual reminder of how amazing you are. 

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I AM Noticed Leaders are confident and resilient.  And the great news is that anyone who chooses to practice the I AM Noticed Cycle can be an I AM Noticed Leader.

Talk with your entire group about what it means to be confident.  What does confidence look like?  For example, confident people are often kind, helpful, know that they matter, like who they are, friends with everyone, inclusive, curious, etc.

Next talk with your entire group about what is means to be resilient.  What does resilience look like?  Brainstorm characteristics of a resilient person. For example, they aren't afraid to fail, they are strong, flexible and willing to get back up when they fall.

Next talk with your entire group about what it means to be self destructive.  What does that look like?  For example, someone who is self destructive is choosing a negative attitude, is practicing negative self talk, is not noticing or receiving goodness.

Next talk with your entire group about what it means to be arrogant.  What does that look like?  For example, someone who acts like they are better than others, who brags a lot, who puts others down in an attempt to make themselves better.

Now that you've talked about self-destructive, confident, and arrogant behavior it is important to remember that everyone has a story and that no matter what we can choose to be confident.  If someone is not choosing confidence, you can still lean into your confidence to support that person and stay resilient yourself.

**If a role-play is not an option. You could have the students consider how they would respond to receiving an insult and a complement from each of these positions. 


I AM Noticed Leaders are confident & resilient  
Everyone can choose to be an I AM Noticed Leader.

Quick Tip>

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I Am Noticed is a proactive, tier 1 approach to mental wellness.  I Am Noticed practices are designed to encourage participants to choose confident and resilient behaviors.  

Keep in mind that this conversation may be easy for some people and hard for others.  If mental health concerns are preventing participants from choosing positive practices, please encourage a conversation with the school counselor or other mental health professional.



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