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I AM Noticed Curriculum©

Let I AM Noticed be your school theme for the entire year or jump in when you're ready.  I AM Noticed Curriculum© is online content with guided sustainable tools that focus on the philosophy of I AM Noticed. This curriculum is used in conjunction with I AM Noticed programming.


Curriculum includes core content which was built to establish a

  • Foundation of intra/interpersonal communication & relationship building,

  • Practices of the I AM Noticed Cycle,

  • Outcome of Confident student, staff, & families


There are 7 focus areas within the core content. Lessons are designed to allow participants to experience the Foundation, the Practice and the Outcome within each focus. Each engaging activity can be led by staff or I AM Noticed peer models. The goal is to use the core content on a consistent basis throughout the school year. 


I AM Noticed Curriculum© also includes additional content which includes inspirational word swags and bulletin boards that may be used as positive visual tools in your classroom or throughout your school. Word swags might also be used on social media posts and for email signatures. You'll also find additional practices that can be used after the core content to provide additional enrichment.


An intentional grouping of practices that create a ripple from self to class family to the world and back to self may be a strong tool that can be utilized.

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