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Peer Model Development - Enrichment

Peer models are students who lead by example, have a positive attitude and are respected by their peers. These students will learn the importance of positive self-talk and how to Notice their peers, teachers and staff. Allowing them to model the practices that can allow every member of your school to be an I AM Noticed leader. Each student will create an artistic masterpiece including a self-portrait and positive words that follow “I AM”. Our goal is to encourage them to Notice the goodness in themselves and others.  The peer models will have tools to use and take back to their classroom and environment leading the I AM Noticed mission for your school.

Peer Model Development - Instruction

This is part 2 of our time with peer models. A large area of focus in this workshop revolves around building confidence and resilience and how as leaders they can model these traits. We will provide instruction regarding the I AM Noticed Curriculum, assemblies/ breakouts and family events as determined by your leadership team.

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