I AM Noticed Curriculum Guide 2021-22
Thank you for choosing to be an I AM Noticed leader. From this page you can access all of the I AM Noticed Curriculum. We hope this content will enhance your relationships, and provide value while increasing confidence
I AM Noticed is for EVERYONE!  
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The Core Content was built to teach the Foundation, Practice, & Outcome.
Foundation - intra/interpersonal communication & relationship building 
Practices - practice tools contained in the I AM Noticed Cycle 
Outcome - of individual confidence which leads to cultural confidence.

The core content was designed to allow participants to experience the Foundation, the Practice and the Outcome within each focus.   
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The Core Content provides engaging activities that can be led by staff or I AM Noticed peer models. The goal is to use the core content on a consistent basis throughout the school year. 
Here is how it works: 
There are 7 focuses within this core content. 
Click on the first focus below (Introduction and Discovery) to access the Foundation, Practice and Outcome activities. Your goal is to complete all three activities before you move to the next focus.  The time for each activity can vary. Activities were designed to fit into class meeting times of 20-40 minutes.  In addition to the core content, you can find additional content below. 
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Look for Quick Tips throughout the core content for helpful suggestions and encouragement. We've got your back. You are not alone. 
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Use this planner as a guide to how you can utilize the theme throughout your school year. Link to I AM Noticed Curriculum Planner excel doc
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This is a powerful list of questions that can be used daily, weekly or anytime you are choosing to grow as an I AM Noticed leader.   
I AM Noticed Leader Discovery Questions                                                    
  • Are you choosing a positive attitude?

  • Are you using positive I AMs?

  • Are you encouraging others to use positive self-talk?

  • Are you Noticing the goodness in yourself?

  • Are you Noticing the goodness in others?

  • Are you receiving compliments when they are given to you?

  • Are you seeing changes within your building?  If so, what changes are you noticing?


Use this check list to prepare for sharing the I AM Noticed Theme.


I AM Noticed Leader Check List

  • Each participant should have a designated folder for I AM Noticed that can be accessed throughout the school year

  • Prior to leading each segment please review the lesson. Lessons can be adjusted to be more simple or complex as needed for your group. 

  • Print out any worksheets provided, and gather any necessary supplies.

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Additional Content is full of goodness. It includes inspirational word swags and bulletin boards that may be used as positive visual tools in your classroom or throughout your school. Word swags might also be used on social media posts and for email signatures. You'll also find additional Practices that can be used after the core content to provide additional enrichment.  
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A note from Amy and Jaime:
It has been so much fun creating this curriculum for you! It is amazing to see I AM Noticed compliment SEL, behavior modification, character building, mental wellness efforts, belonging, and academic approaches across all different levels of education.  
This curriculum was designed to allow your school to choose the best implementation strategy for you. We've seen effective approaches range from administrators assigning weekly objectives throughout the school year to a dedicated staff member leading a peer model team through schoolwide implementation. We encourage you to get creative and we are here to support you. THANK YOU for being you and for being willing to create a more positive culture shift! contact@iamnoticed.org